Memorial Day 2011: Live-blogging 24 Hour DCH Voucher

For my birthday, Dan got me a 24-hour ticket to the Berlin Philharmonic’s Digital Concert Hall. Good thing, since all our Memorial Day plans have been cancelled/postponed due to rain, and thunder got me out of bed at 7:15. I’m going to watch as many performances as humanly possible in the next 24 hours. Equipped with coffee, pajamas, and a 27-inch iMac, i can’t think of a better way to celebrate.

8:47 am: Purcell: Funeral Music for Queen Mary
Dang! I wasn’t expecting the video quality to be so good. Nearly HD. Popovers are in the oven, coffee is in my blood, and i’m lovin some open fifths.

9:09: Mahler: Symphony No. 5, Simon Rattle
Popovers are almost ready. They’re pretty easy to make, actually. I’ve never made them before, oh wait…have I ever had one before??? I don’t think so.

9:48: Part II
These dudes are hardcore. I just killed a fly with my foot! Alyssa promptly disinfected the couch, the dead fly, and my foot.  Popovers were pretty good, I guess.

11:23: Dvorak Cello Concerto: Steven Isserlis, Alan Gilbert
That man needs a haircut. I also need a haircut. Also, am I the only one who sees this resemblance?


11:48: Mvt. III

What an amazing piece of music. Pieces that are so common, so over-practiced by me,tend to lose their meaning after a while, turning into one big long etude. I think this is the first time i’ve listened to Dvorak in at least a year. It’s refreshing to hear Isserlis play it, and i’ve been on a general Isserlis kick lately, mostly with his Mendelssohn album recorded with Melvyn Tan. His sound is so effortless, so pure; pretty much anything he does is excused by the amazing sound that comes out of his instrument. For instance: what the hell is he looking at? I swear his neck is stuck like that. I bet he couldn’t tell you what color his shoes are if his life depended on it…


2:45 PM UPDATE: Rain has stopped, normal Memorial Day activities resume. Pork chops grilled, on the way to the beach. Sir Simon will have to wait.

6:55: Ligeti: San Francisco Polyphony
This is way better than my iPod. This will revolutionize the music industry. This will revolutionize the remaining 5 hours of the day.

9:51: Beethoven 4th Piano Concerto, Mitsuko Uchida
G Major is one of my absolute favorite keys. Yes, I have favorite keys. Others include F-sharp Major and C Minor. I have strong personal associations with keys and affectations, and G Major exudes warmth and comfort. If there were more hours in this 24 hour voucher, i’d watch the whole series of Beethoven Piano Concerti and Sibelius Symphonies. I wonder if Mitsuko wears a jellyfish-inspired frock for all 5.