Weiner is not a wise man.

TNC always seems to get it right:

Anthony Weiner is a politician who relished in antagonizing the opposition. His appeal was singular and tribal–in an age of seemingly vacillating, gun-shy Democrats, Weiner took on whoever came may. You never once got the feeling that he was ashamed to be a liberal. He must have known that this made him a target for conservative activists. A wise man in Weiner’s position would be watchful. But Weiner is not a wise man. It is not his desire to get off that offends, it is the thick-wittedness of sending nude selfies on Twitter. It is the incomprehensible silliness of handing your opponents a gun and saying, “Please shoot me.” Repeatedly. It is wholly sensible that those of us who believe the liberal project is about more than embarrassing Republicans would not want Anthony Weiner as a pitchman.

Anthony Weiner And Liberal Morality – Ta-Nehisi Coates – The Atlantic.